April 4, 2008

The meeting took place at Cordova Bay Elementary School and commenced at 7:30 PM

1. Frank MacDonald of the Saanich Emergency Preparedness Program gave a talk on Emergency Preparedness. He mentioned that over 50 potential types of events have been identified in BC which could require that individuals be able to fend for themselves for up to 7 days before outside help is available. He encouraged individual and family preparation and neighbourhood group preparation ideally consisting of approximately 25 homes. The Emergency Preparedness Program provides instruction for individuals, families and neighbourhood groups who are wanting to make preparations for such events.

2. Saanich Councillor Vic Derman spoke on "The Role of Community Associations in Saanich". He feels that areas with Community Associations are better served than those areas without. Saanich Council listens to the views of the community associations and appreciates their input. Community associations better reflect the views of area residents than Councillors can do if they don't live in that area. He pointed out that community associations can expect to deal with controversial issues at times and may not have the agreement of some residents. He described some of his experiences as a director of the North Quadra association and mentioned the success they have had with the Block Watch program which was promoted by the North Quadra association. He encouraged people to participate in community associations for the benefit of the community.

3. There was a motion passed to accept, as circulated, the minutes of the March 9, 2007 AGM.

Directors' report

4. Dave Charlebois gave a directors' report summarizing the issues addressed by the directors over this past year. This included two development proposals, meetings with municipal representatives, collaboration with other associations about a mutual concern regarding the Beckwith U-Farm proposal, traffic planning and safety, the fill deposit by-law, Outerbridge Park, a proposal to alter the Highlands Urban Containment Boundary, the Saanich Official Community Plan, meetings with neighbourhood groups, and information distribution about the American Bull Frog.

Treasurer's report

5. The treasurer's report was circulated and included a financial statement for 2007, a balance sheet for Dec. 31, 2007 and a budget for 2008. It was indicated that the postal box rental for $127 was inadvertently missed from the budget and should be added.

6. There was a motion passed to accept the 2008 budget as presented.


7. An election for association officers was held and the following officers were elected by acclamation: Dawn Loucks as Secretary-Treasurer, Nathalie Chambers as Vice President and Barry Loucks as President.

8. Information was provided that the present directors recommended that the number of directors not exceed 12 (including the officers). Nominations for directors were then accepted and included the following: Annette Barclay, Dave Charlebois, Gorde Galey, Valerie Galey, Charlotte Koettl, Ernie Koettl, John Lawler, Dale Leeuw, Anita Mayr, Ed Polinsky, Dean Purych, Rhys Smallwood, Shirley Smith, Dan Stewart, and Sharon Stewart.

A motion was made to limit the number of directors to 12. The count for the vote on this motion was close which prompted a recount of hands. The recount was a tie which prompted the chairman to exercise his vote. This resulted in the motion passing 13 in favour and 12 against.

Each candidate who was present said a few words to the meeting. A vote by ballot was then held. The following people were elected as directors: Annette Barclay, Dave Charlebois, Charlotte Koettl, John Lawler, Dale Leeuw, Anita Mayr, Dean Purych, Rhys Smallwood, and Sharon Stewart.

9. A motion to destroy the ballots was passed.

Other Business

10. Doug Mann provided comments about the proposed development for 4590 Lochside drive. The proposed changes to the road and installation of a sidewalk were described. Those present were encouraged to attend the Council meeting on April 8 when this issue will be reviewed.

11. Comments were made about a new fee being levied on properties which have septic fields. An inspection process and mandatory pumping of septic tanks is being planned.

12. Comments were made about a development proposal for Holland Ave where there is an application to rezone A-1 land to residential. It was pointed out that this proposed zoning change is similar to the zoning change being requested for 4590 Lochside.

13. In response to a question about installing a crosswalk at Pearce Crescent, Dave Charlebois outlined the municipalities’ reasons for not wanting this to occur. The BVCA had written a letter to the municipality requesting that such a crosswalk installation be considered.

14. In response to a request, Rhys Smallwood commented on the Beckwith U-Farm proposal. It is now expected that this farm will become a blueberry farm. Concern was expressed that they may use noise producing cannons as a form of bird control.

15. There was a motion was passed to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.