ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
March 30, 2010

The meeting took place at Cordova Bay Elementary School and commenced at 7:10 PM.

1. Nathalie Chambers introduced a documentary video which she has prepared in which she interviews several long-time Blenkinsop Valley residents. Many memories of past years and neighbours were told. Some of those interviewed included Phyllis Roberts, John Lawler, Steve Mann, Annette Barclay,  Ray Harwood, Thelma Simmonds, Doris Simmonds, Coyne McGhee and Phyllis Roberts. After the video, more stories and memories were related by those present.

2. Bill Turner who is the Executive Director of The Land Conservancy gave a presentation about heritage properties and the rewards that one can obtain by looking into the history of properties and the people who have lived on them. He showed examples of properties in the interior of BC as well as several on the Saanich Peninsula. He provided some interesting insights into the history of Elk and Beaver lakes and what is now public property adjoining the lakes. He also showed how some of the old railroad beds can still be identified on the peninsula and how development in the wrong places can interrupt potential public trail systems.

3. Three representatives from Saanich (Colin Doyle from the engineering department, Councilor Dean Murdock  and Jane Evans from the planning department) were present to provide comments and field questions about the suggestion to designate Blenkinsop Road as a heritage road. A summary of the proposal was given which indicated that it has two main elements. One element is to promote the heritage of the Blenkinsop Valley and the other element is to develop guidelines to which the municipality can refer when alterations are being considered to the road. It was pointed out that the designation would not result in restrictions for private properties.

Several questions and comments came from the floor. Some expressed a concern that heritage designation could lead to unwanted restrictions in the future. Some people would like Blenkinsop Road to be developed similarly to Royal Oak Drive with street lights, medians and sidewalks. It was mentioned that open ditches can be a hazard to motorists

 Others expressed a desire to retain the road as it is now and to avoid the more urban appearance which medians and sidewalks would bring. There was a suggestion to add a limitation on street lights to the suggested guidelines and there was support voiced for the development of paths which are separated from the road.

By a showing of hands, the opinions of those present were sought on some of the questions which are in the questionnaire which was sent out by newsletter. The majority did not feel that Blenkinsop Road should receive heritage designation; that pedestrian safety should be improved; that traffic calming ideas should be evaluated and that historical information should be promoted. The majority is not content with Blenkinsop Road as it is today.

There was a suggestion made to apply for  transit service on Blenkinsop Rd.

4. A directors’ report was given. The volunteers who have assisted the BVCA were thanked. These included the directors (Nathalie Chambers, Charlotte Koetl, Sharon Stewart, Dawn Loucks, John Lawler, Dale Leeuw, Ray Harwood, Rhys Smallwood, Dean Purych and Earl Hannan) and general members who provided help (Mark Tymchuk, Margaret Marriott, Suzie Polinski and David Chambers).
The various issues which the directors’ have addressed over the last year were summarized.
A comment was made from the floor about the crop destruction which is being caused by geese.
5. A motion was proposed to pass the AGM minutes of March 31, 2009. This motion passed.
6. A treasurer’s report was given by Dawn Loucks. The financial statements from 2009 and the proposed budget for 2010 were presented.
A motion was proposed to accept the financial statements of 2009 as circulated. This motion passed.
A motion was proposed to accept the 2010 budget as circulated. This motion passed.
7. An election of the directors was undertaken. All of the following positions were filled by acclamation:
President: Barry Loucks
Vice President: John Lawler
Treasurer: Earl Hannan
Secretary: Dawn Loucks
Members at large: Nathalie Chambers, Dale Leeuw
8. No new business was introduced.
9. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM