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April, 2009  Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on April 15, 2009. We hope you find the following items of interest:

BVCA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our AGM was held on March 31 and we had a better turn out than last year. Stacie Louttit gave us a very interesting presentation about her experience in China. She shared with us her insight into the Chinese culture and also into competitive and disabled athleticism.

Glendale Gardens - Outerbridge Park

Roger Charles who is the executive director of Glendale Gardens (Pacific Horticultural Centre) met with us to discuss a proposal for Glendale Gardens to maintain Outerbridge Park. The proposal has not yet been finalized with Saanich but, if accepted, the plan is to maintain Outerbridge Park with a group of 20 volunteers with each volunteer contributing about 10 to 20 hours a year. A similar process is used to maintain Glendale Gardens. Plans include using the existing barn as a volunteer centre. It is likely that the volunteers would also benefit from educational programs which would be developed specifically for their use. We will keep you informed as to whether this proposal is accepted by Saanich. If you have an interest in doing volunteer work of this nature, please let us know.

New Home Application

We met with a resident whose lot contains two homes, one of which dates back to the 1950s. His family would like to replace this home with a new larger home in a different location on their property which would result in the loss of some mature fir trees. This plan is not permitted under present zoning regulations and would require approval of a variance in order to proceed. The family is seeking support from the BVCA for their proposal.

The BVCA directors discussed this issue quite extensively. Although much sympathy was felt for the family in their quest to have improved living quarters, the proposal was not supported. It is hoped, instead, that an alternative proposal could be developed that would comply with existing guidelines and also would have less impact on the stand of Douglas firs.

Proposal to Remove Land from ALR

We discussed a proposal to remove about 5 acres from the ALR for housing. The property is within the Urban Containment Boundary. It contains approximately 100 oak trees. The proposed plan is to build 20 houses. Although this property is a short distance outside of our area, the BVCA did send a letter to Saanich last year opposing this proposal.

SCAN (Saanich Community Association Network)

The Climate Action coordinator from Saanich reported that Saanich had set a goal for 2010 to reduce the municipality's consumption of fuel and other energy by 10% from the 2004 levels. This goal was actually achieved by 2008.

With thanks

The BVCA directors


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