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August, 2009  Newsletter

Dear BVCA members:

The BVCA directors met on August 19, 2009. We hope you find the following items of interest:

Heritage Road

The BVCA directors continue to work on the concept of designating Blenkinsop Rd. as a heritage road as was suggested by Mayor Leonard at an all-candidates meeting last October. We will be meeting with a Saanich councillor and a representative of the Saanich Engineering department in October. We plan to seek community input and also to have information to present at our next AGM in March.

BVCA Extraordinary General Meeting

The Saanich Planning department has requested a meeting with the BVCA which is open to all BVCA members. The following is an excerpt from the Planning Department letter:

"In an effort to foster open communication with the Saanich Communities, the planner responsible for your area would like to get together with residents at an Association meeting open to all. This would provide an opportunity to discuss any neighbourhood planning issues or general planning topics that residents might have about their community."

Anne Topp is the planner who will be present. She plans just a brief introduction and then will open the meeting for dialogue.

It is planned to hold this meeting during the evening of Wednesday, October 7. In order to determine how many are coming so that we can reserve an appropriate facility, please respond by return e-mail or by calling 250-477-8539 by Sept. 23 if you plan to attend. The time and location of the will be sent out at a later date.

Beckwith Farm

The owners of Beckwith Farm have requested that we forward information to our members about the activities which are now in progress at the farm.

A new drainage system has been installed and an irrigation system is being installed in August. In early September,  50,000 blueberry bushes will be planted which will make the Beckwith Farm one of the largest blueberry producers on Vancouver Island. A full time farm manager has been hired to look after the property and the crop.

The BVCA directors are trying to arrange a meeting with the owners of the Beckwith Farm.

Variance Application

Saanich Planning has invited the BVCA to comment on an application for a variance on a fence height at a Blenkinsop Rd address. The application is to increase the permitted height for a front yard fence to 2.36 m (7 feet 9 inches). The permitted height at this time is 1.5 m (five feet). The BVCA directors did not support this application.

Landfill Restrictions

 A letter has been received from the CRD inviting comment on plans to further restrict the types of materials which will be accepted at the landfill. The proposal is to ban wood waste and product stewardship materials. The latter includes several items such as pharmaceuticals, paint, beverage containers, tires and electronics. The BVCA directors did support this proposal but recommended that there be convenient locations provided where such materials may be taken for recycling.

With thanks,

the BVCA directors


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