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August 2011 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

All Candidates meeting

The BVCA, jointly with the Cordova Bay Association, will be hosting an all-candidates meeting on October 26.  This will be an opportunity for residents to meet and question candidates running for a position on Saanich council. Sharon Stewart has agreed to represent the BVCA in preparing for this meeting.

Seven Oaks

The BVCA has donated $500.00 to Seven Oaks to be used to help develop the resident’s vegetable garden. This is now planted and can be seen from Blenkinsop Rd behind fencing.

The Root Cellar

The owners of The Root Cellar recently met with the BVCA directors to share plans for planned alterations to their property. They plan a cosmetic exterior upgrade, landscaping and the installation of solar lighting. They have a rainwater catchment plan and also will resurface the parking lot. There will be bicycle racks. Their plans do not alter the footprint of the present building.

They plan to submit an application this fall with work likely to commence during the winter of 2012/2013.

They promote local and organic produce and have an active recycling program. They presently sell 67 local products, 106 BC products and 140 organic products.


Development Proposals

The BVCA has received requests to meet with representatives of Don Mann Excavating regarding improvements planned for the company’s property in the Blenkinsop Valley. Rezoning is not required.

We have also received a request to meet with the owners of a Mt Doug X Rd property who are proposing a residential subdivision. This property is within the Urban Containment Boundary and it is also within the ALR.

Regional Waste Water Plan

There was discussion at the BVCA board about the regional waste water plan. A report was given about a recent meeting arranged by the Esquimalt Community Association at which several experts in their field expressed concern about the proposed plan. The speakers included representatives from public health, engineering, and marine biology.

The speakers promoted the retention of the present system which they feel is not damaging the environment and which has less environmental impact than the proposed system.

The BVCA directors sent a letter to each of the CRD board members. We suggested that the public support for the proposed plan is based on the understanding that it will be better for the environment. In view of their being expert opinion suggesting otherwise, the BVCA encouraged the CRD to determine whether or not the new proposal is better for the environment. We suggested that perhaps this could be done by accessing the expertise at our universities,

Propane Cannons

The Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB) has scheduled a hearing in January about a complaint regarding the use of propane cannons in the Blenkinsop Valley.

The BVCA policy regarding farm practices has been to support farming and acceptable farming practices as described in provincial guidelines and to encourage the use of good-neighbour policies.

The BVCA directors recently tried to enhance that part of our policy on farm practices which encourages the use of good-neighbour policies. The following has now been adopted as the BVCA policy:

“The BVCA supports farming and acceptable farming practices as defined by provincial guidelines. However, in the spirit of good-neighbour policies, the BVCA does not support the use of those farm practices which severely impact neighbours (for example, propane cannons) when there are other solutions.”

This continues to give farming priority but makes a stronger statement about using alternative practices when they are available.

Outerbridge Park

The Outerbridge Park had its official opening this summer and Mrs. Outerbridge was in attendance. The park is being maintained by volunteers from Glendale Gardens.

Dale Leeuw

Dale Leeuw, who has been a BVCA director since the first AGM, has moved to an up-island community so he has stepped down as one of our board members. Dale’s opinions were always thoughtful and insightful. He rarely missed a meeting. The BVCA directors expressed their appreciation to Dale for his contribution to the community. He will be missed.

Irene Block

The BVCA directors were saddened to learn that Irene Block had recently passed away. Irene once lived in the Blenkinsop Valley and often attended council meetings to promote the preservation of the valley in its present form.


With thanks

The BVCA directors


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