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February 2010 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members:

Since the last newsletter, the BVCA directors met on January 18 and February 17, 2010. We hope you find the following items of interest:

AGM March 30, 2010

The BVCA annual general meeting has been arranged for 7 PM on Tuesday March 30, 2010 at the Cordova Bay Elementary School gym, 5238 Cordova Bay Rd. We have selected our speakers to highlight a heritage theme as an introduction of the proposal to give Blenkinsop Road heritage designation.

Our first speaker will be Bill Turner, who is the Executive Director of The Land Conservancy. Bill will speak on "The importance of preserving our heritage and our heritage properties".
Our second speaker is Nathalie Chambers of Madrona Farm who will speak on the history of the Blenkinsop Valley. Nathalie gave part one of this presentation at our AGM in 2007. Nathalie researched the Blenkinsop Valley history as part of a university project.
Our third presentation will be about the proposal to designate Blenkinsop Road as a heritage road. Representatives from the municipality will be present to outline this proposal and to obtain input from the community.

Heritage Road

During the first week of March, the BVCA is planning to distribute our biannual paper newsletter to each home in the Blenkinsop Valley. This issue will be devoted almost entirely to the heritage road designation proposal. Our hope is that through a questionnaire in this newsletter and by Blenkinsop Valley resident participation at the BVCA AGM on March 30, that a clearer picture will evolve on whether the residents wish to have Blenkinsop Road receive heritage designation and if so, what this will involve. More information will be presented in the paper newsletter.

Variance Application

The BVCA directors were asked to support a variance application which will be going before Saanich Council to complete a Blenkinsop roadside wall which exceeds that permitted under the municipal bylaws. The permitted height is five feet. The applicant has reduced the original request for the height of the pillars which was 7 feet 9 inches to now be 6 feet 5 inches. It is proposed that this will be achieved by removing a peak from each pillar creating a flat top. The applicant reports strong support from the neighbours and several other property owners along Blenkinsop Rd.

The BVCA directors were evenly split on this issue and will write a letter to Saanich Council to indicate this.


Garbage Collection

Saanich currently provides backyard collection of garbage to over 31,000 homes. The workers on this service lift an average of 3 tons per day per man. These workers account for 21% of the municipality’s injury claims.

The municipality is contemplating the introduction a new pick up service which utilizes customized cans which can be lifted onto the truck by mechanical means. The municipality is also contemplating changing to a curbside pick up service. If the latter occurs, provision would be made to continue backyard pickup for those who are unable to move their containers to the road.

The CRD has decided that the landfill will stop accepting kitchen waste in 2012. This will require that kitchen waste be separated from garbage and it will be picked up at the curbside in its own container. Another consideration is to also offer curbside pickup of containers for garden waste.

There is a questionnaire available on the Saanich website where citizens can comment on these proposals.

BVCA Borders

Since the BVCA was created in 2006, it has considered that its area of representation was all of the Blenkinsop Valley as outlined in the Blenkinsop Local Area Plan. This area includes several residences on the Western side of the valley which are adjacent to Broadmead. These properties were not part of the Broadmead development and are not subject to the covenants which the Broadmead properties are. The BVCA has had several residents in this area join our association and two of our directors live in this area.

It has recently been learned that the Broadmead Residents Association (BARA) has responded to requests from this area for several years and has considered it to be an area represented by BARA.

Representatives of the BVCA had a cordial meeting with the president of BARA and both associations have agreed to encourage residents in this area to join either or both of the community associations. We have also agreed that a person cannot be a director of both associations at the same time.

With thanks,

the BVCA directors


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