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February 2012 Newsletter

The BVCA AGM will be held at 7PM on Thursday March 29, 2012 in the library of Lochside Elementary School, 1145 Royal Oak Drive. This is a different location than we have had in the past. You do not need to be a BVCA member to attend.
There will be a talk entitled “Understanding the regulations and privileges which pertain to the ALR and the Farm Practices (Right to Farm) Act”. Our intent is to provide our membership with knowledge about the work of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) and rules pertaining to land use within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) pursuant to the Agricultural Land Commission Act and the relationship to farming activities and normal farm practices under the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act.
We will have three individual talks followed by a panel of the three speakers to answer questions. Our speakers will include a representative from the Agriculture Land Commission, Lana Popham (our MLA), and Dean Murdock (Saanich Councilor).
Lana Popham is the Agriculture Critic for the NDP and is a farmer herself. Dean Murdock has been a strong supporter of pocket markets and food security.
New Mt. Doug Park Access
The BVCA has had two meetings with the Saanich Parks department regarding plans for a new park access just North of Lohbrunner Rd.

Construction of the access is expected this spring or summer. Plans include construction of 9 parking spots, an information kiosk, a bicycle lockup and a garbage receptacle. The parking lot will have a gate which will be closed each night and opened each morning. There will be no lights. A pedestrian crosswalk may be installed across Blenkinsop Rd.

Neighbours will be informed before construction begins.

Regional Waste Management
The BVCA wrote a letter to the CRD directors to express concern that the region may not be following the best policy in view of the several scientific opinions which are opposed to the new proposal for regional sewage management.

Correspondence was received back from the CRD chair (Geoff Young) and the chair of the CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee (Denise Blackwell). They point out that the new system will be able to remove some contamination such as viruses, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupters and heavy metals which are not removed by the present system. They also pointed out that senior governments have issued orders for the CRD to treat its sewage and have agreed to contribute to the cost.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary
On Saturday and Sunday April 21 and 22, 2012 9:00 am to 3:00 pm  there will be a native plant sale (5000 plants, 140 species) at the  Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary (3873 Swan Lake Road). Admission is free and Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer gardening questions. A complete plant list is available at

Propane Cannon Use
The  Farm Industry Review Board hearing scheduled to review the past use of propane cannons in the Blenkinsop Valley has been cancelled as the complaints were withdrawn.
The BVCA has met with the owners of a property on Mt Doug X Rd who are applying to remove about 5 acres from the ALR for a residential subdivision. The land is within the Urban Containment Boundary. The BVCA did not support the removal of this land from the ALR.
Outerbridge Park

Outerbridge Park had an open-house last spring. Mrs. Outerbridge attended. Glendale Gardens volunteers are maintaining the park.

Blenkinsop Rd Litter
The BVCA communicated with Saanich regarding litter on Blenkinsop Rd. The municipality depends on residents to report when items are dumped on the side of the road. The municipality prefers to have its own crews pick up these items rather than having community groups organize cleanup crews. Signage discouraging dumping may be considered.

Pearce Crescent Park and Play Area
The BVCA has been requested to support a proposal to create a park and play area on a vacant lot on Pearce Cres. It is expected that about 70 neighbourhood children will utilize the park. At the moment, children on Pearce Crescent need to travel by car or undertake a lengthy walk to reach a playground. Initial response by Saanich officials has been encouraging. It is expected that a play area utilizing natural objects such as logs and boulders can be created for about $10,000.

The BVCA has offered administrative assistance and a $1000.00 donation provided that the project proceeds.


Seven Oaks has plans to expand it garden to triple the present size. It will be used to teach patients gardening skills. Volunteers, including a volunteer horticultural therapist, will be assisting. The BVCA first suggested the garden to Seven Oaks and has contributed to it financially. Madrona Farm volunteered the tilling of the original garden.




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