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January, 2009 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on January 21, 2009. The following are the issues addressed:

Heritage Road Project
A group of BVCA directors met with Mayor Leonard to discuss the concept of designating Blenkinsop Rd. as a heritage road. It was understood that this would involve attempts to calm traffic, improve pedestrian safety and to promote items of heritage interest. A municipal group will oversee the plan and will be led by a municipal engineer. Councillor Murdock will oversee the project. The BVCA group will be able to participate in the planning process. It is not anticipated that any of the plans will be enacted prior to 2010.

Centennial Trail Crossing
The BVCA directors continue to feel concern about the Centennial Trail crossing at Blenkinsop Rd. The majority of the directors have had personal experiences with cyclists crossing Blenkinsop with little warning for motorists. It was decided to send another note to Saanich Engineering to express our ongoing concern.

BVCVA Website
Our web site has been updated recently ( It contains information about the BVCA and copies of past newsletters, minutes from the AGMs and links to municipal sites of interest.

SCAN (Saanich Community Association Network)
The BVCA representative to SCAN (Saanich Community Association Network) has encouraged the municipality to include some statistics about agriculture in its Strategic Plan for 2009-2013. This plan outlines goals that the municipality has in many areas such as housing, transportation, recreation etc. No statistics about or goals for agriculture appear in this plan. It was felt that it would be useful to document such things as the amount of land in the municipality which is used for agriculture and the volume of agricultural goods which are produced. This could be tracked and followed from one Strategic Plan to the next.

We have started to plan for our next AGM which will be held in late March or early April. We have had confirmation that Stacie Louttit, a bronze medal winner in sailing at the Beijing Paralympic Games and Blenkinsop Valley resident, will be speaking about and showing pictures from her Beijing experience.

The BVCA was asked to comment on a proposed trial to close Churchill Dr in Mt Douglas Park until 11:00 AM daily (at the present this is done only on Sundays). The purpose for this is to enhance the experience of pedestrians who walk to the summit of Mt. Douglas using the road. The Parks department has undertaken a survey to obtain views of those using the park. The BVCA directors had concerns about the survey in that it did not explicitly outline the views of motorists who normally use Churchill Dr at those times. We also understand that the summit is a tourist destination in the summer and therefore had some concern that it would prevent this use of the park.

The Cordova Bay Association (CBA) is preparing itself for the possibility that there may be some upgrading done to the Pat Bay Highway through the Cordova Bay area. There has not been a specific announcement to this effect but with the proposal to stimulate the economy by promoting infrastructure improvements it is felt the Pat Bay Highway may be the recipient of such programs. One possibility which the CBA is contemplating is that traffic on Cordova Bay Rd. may increase. This could have an impact on Blenkinsop Rd. as a result. It is felt that if an interchange is constructed at Sayward Rd, one outcome could be increased traffic through Cordova Bay. The CBA is in favour of improvements being made to the Sayward Rd/Pat Bay junction but would like to be a participant in the planning process.

The BVCA has donated $300.00 to the residents of Seven Oaks to help in the purchase of some exercise equipment. A letter of thanks was received from Seven Oaks in which it was written, "We feel fortunate to be part of such an accepting and generous community in the Blenkinsop Valley".

One of our directors recently attended an introductory meeting for Block Watch. The Block Watch and Emergency Preparedness Programs complement one another and are often set up jointly. The Block Watch program recommends that it be set up in neighbourhood groups of about 20 homes. More information can be found on the Saanich Police web site (


With thanks

The BVCA directors



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