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July, 2008 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

BVCA directors met on July 30, 2008.

The BVCA ran a membership trial last month. Twenty-two homes were canvassed on Pearce Crescent, resulting in 7 new members. The North side of Pearce Crescent was particularly successful and likely due to the existence of a community issue (fill deposit) and advance encouragement to join the BVCA from an e-mail sent out by one of the residents. The BVCA directors are now going to expand this trial to about 50 more homes. Please let us know if you are able to canvas 10 to 15 homes for us.

The Royal Oak Middle School Gymnasium is still standing but there has been a report that the effort to save it has not been successful.

VIHA's Seven Oaks facility has applied to be included in the Sewer Service Area. This would set a precedent as it is being requested as a cost saving measure (normally properties outside of the Sewer Service Area are permitted to connect only for health reasons). The BVCA, on the suggestion of one of our directors, recommended that, if this application is approved, a covenant be added to limit the possibility of future development on the land. This suggestion found favour with Saanich Council.

We have reviewed the BVCA One Year Plan. The following goals have been achieved: creation of the Agriculture Committee, creation of a BVCA website ( and an e-mail address
(, creation of a Newsletter group, Emergency Preparedness was presented at the AGM, creation of a BVCA web site and e-mail address.

The following items are planned: to obtain an update about Outerbridge Park from Mrs. Outerbridge's representative, to request from the Saanich Police that the meter board be used on Blenkinsop during September, to request that the trees on the West side of Blenkinsop just North of Mckenzie be pruned to improve visibility for motorists exiting North onto Blenkinsop from the commercial centre at that intersection,

There continues to be an American Bullfrog presence in the valley and there is also some garlic mustard. Volunteer crews have been removing this latter invasive species.

We are planning to deliver a newsletter to each home in the valley in September.


With thanks,

The BVCA directors


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