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June/July, 2009  Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on June 17, 2009 and July 15, 2009. We hope you find the following items of interest:

Vegetation Pruning

Saanich crews did extensive pruning of the trees which were overhanging Blenkinsop Rd. These trees were being hit by high vehicles such as farm machinery. Some driveways continue to have poor visibility from low vegetation and another request has been made to Saanich for this to be remedied as well.

Park Acquisition

The proposal for Saanich to purchase a private parcel of land to expand Mt. Douglas Park has not yet been successful.

Urban Forest

One of our directors attended an Urban Forest meeting where he represented the BVCA. It was an exploratory meeting to discuss various topics of an urban forest such as the definition, management, environmental sensitivity, the exclusion of invasive species and ornamentals, the influence of climate change, developers responsibilities after trees are planted and the provision of succession by continuing to plant young trees. A report is to be taken to Saanich Council in November of this year.

Saanich Community Association Network (SCAN)

At the June SCAN meeting the Saanich 2008 Strategic Process report was presented. The archives website is receiving 30,000 visits a month, Saanich occupational injuries and illness have been reduced by 18%, revenue from non-tax sources has increased, 2.3 Km of new bike lanes and 3.6 Km of new siedwalks were created.

Heritage Road

The municipality is proposing to designate Blenkinsop Rd a heritage road. The BVCA directors are currently developing a vision for such a project as it is a new concept in Saanich although Central Saanich has designated a heritage road. We have arranged to meet in October with a municipal representative and also with the Saanich Councillor who will be Council's lead on this project.

Crop Damage

Some crops in the Blenkinsop Valley received significant damage from geese this year. The BVCA is exploring as to whether it can be of any practical assistance in this matter. We have communicated with the Peninsula Agricultural Commission.

Urban Chickens

Saanich is one of the few municipalities which does not permit chickens to be kept on urban lots which are less than 12,000 square feet. A group trying to change this asked to meet with the BVCA and outlined the virtues of chickens and their symbiotic relationship with people. The BVCA directors decided to support this proposal with the provision that neighbours are reasonably protected from unwanted noise, odours and intrusions.

Residential Subdivision

A proposal for a 6 lot subdivision on Lochside Drive across from the Lochside School went before Saanich Council about 2 weeks ago. The proposal was not supported by Council with concerns mentioned about the loss of a buffer between residential lots and farm land and the impact the subdivision would have on the Northern gateway to the Blenkinsoip Valley for the Lochside Trail.


With thanks

The BVCA directors


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