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June 2013


Nicaragua School Rebuilt

Ed Polinsky, who is a BVCA founding member, recently accepted an invitation to speak to the BVCA directors about a project in Nicaragua. Ed joined a group of fellow hockey players to travel to Nicaragua where they helped to rebuild a school. He explained the poor condition of the school before they started and showed pictures of how the structure was partially taken apart and rebuilt with steel trusses. He explained some of the technical difficulties encountered with the electrical supply and the need to use less than ideal equipment (such as a welding helmet which required one hand to hold it in place).

Ed enjoyed the Nicaraguan culture and was able to contrast it with the cultural experiences he had when doing similar work in Africa.

Blood Donations
Blenkinsop Valley residents Dave Charlebois and his son Mark were featured in a recent newspaper article and on a Shaw TV video for their generosity in donating blood. Dave has donated over 100 units of blood as well as a life saving bone marrow donation. Mark has now donated his first unit of blood at age 17  which is the youngest one can be to donate blood. The Shaw TV video can be seen at:
Dave has served on the BVCA board in the past.

World Class Sailing

Blenkinsop Valley resident, Max Gallant, is a competitive sailor and is participating in the Laser Standard Men's Under Age 21 World Championship this July in Hungary. Now 17, he started sailing at the age of 6 through the Royal Victoria Yacht Club. In 2012 Max won the Canadian Youth National Championships Laser Full Rig Class.  His goal is to be one of 6 sailors on the Canadian National Laser Sailing Team.  He has numerous regattas across North America this summer and has already competed in an Olympic Class Regatta in Miami this winter.

Max recently attended a BVCA board meeting where he described his training, experiences and some of the characteristics of the Laser boats and their ability to perform in fairly high winds (up to about 35 knots). His preferred wind speed is about 15 to 20 knots.

Max is raising funds for his participation in the U21 World Championship Regatta in Hungary through the following website:
Funds can also be donated through the mail payable to Max Gallant at 4351 Blenkinsop Rd,V8X 2C3

Pearce Crescent Play Area

It is expected that construction on the “Pearce Crescent Rotary Play Area” will start on June 22 after receiving approval from Saanich Council on June 10. Most of the construction is being donated by the Island Equipment Owners Association and will take about 2 days to complete.

Members of the Saanich Council were very complimentary of the Pearce Crescent residents for the work they put into this. They raised over $11,000 which is expected to cover the total cost of the project. Saanich has permitted the park to be built on an unused road allowance and has helped the residents develop the plans for the play area. Saanich has also donated $1500 through the matching grant program. Saanich Rotary has donated generously. The BVCA has donated $1000 and has also provided administrative assistance.


All Candidates Meeting

An all candidates meeting was jointly hosted by the Broadmead Area Residents' Association and the BVCA prior to the provincial election. The attendance was good (close to 200 people) particularly in view of the televised leaders’ debate taking place at the same time. It was felt that the candidates answered the questions well and they seemed to be very knowledgeable.


Proposed Tree Preservation Bylaw
Saanich is proposing changes to the Tree Preservation Bylaw. It is proposed that seedlings of Arbutus, Garry Oak, Pacific Yew and Pacific Dogwood be protected. It is proposed that Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maple and Grand fir trees of 30 cm diameter at breast height (DBH) be protected. It is proposed that all other trees of 60 cm DBH be protected (Maples, Oak, Elms, Planes, and Cypress).

It is also proposed that for each protected tree removed within a building envelope that a replacement tree be planted. It is proposed that for each protected tree removed from outside a building envelope for site servicing, access, or driveway construction that 2 replacement trees be planted

General Tree Information
Saanich and Vancouver were the first municipalities to have a tree preservation bylaw. This occurred in the 1980s.

Between 2005 and 2009 the tree canopy cover in Saanich declined by 0.7% annually.  Saanich is losing 70 hectares of canopy cover annually.

Saanich receives 1000 requests annually to remove a tree and 2500 calls per year for tree services such as pruning.

Saanich has a partnership model where the municipality will plant a boulevard tree in front of a residence if the owner of the residence agrees to water the tree for the first 5 years.