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May 10, 2007

Dear BVCA members,

At a May 9, 2007 meeting of the BVCA directors it was decided to send out an e-mail after each of the directors' meetings to the general membership so that the membership is informed of our deliberations. The directors stressed that they wanted the membership to be encouraged to forward comments back to them.
The directors have sent a letter of objection to Saanich about a proposal for a 8 lot subdivision at 4590 Lochside which is across from the Lochside School. We have had representatives at a site tour, a neighbourhood meeting and the developers have attended one of our meetings. Our response to this proposal was referred to at the AGM in March.

We have also responded to a 2 lot subdivision proposal for 1181 Royal Oak Drive. This proposal did not require rezoning but we did encourage a reduction in the size of the proposed houses and generous setbacks from an adjacent park.

This past week we received a prospectus about a proposal for 65 acres on the west side of the valley adjacent to Blenkinsop Lake. The prospectus is attached to this note with the developer's permission. This proposal is for an urban U-Farm with both farming and agro-tourism features. The development proposes family farming experiences with individual gardens, an ability to raise poultry and livestock and a farm market. The tourism may include night special events, high intensity lighting, rides such as a zip line and in the prospectus it shows a picture of a Ferris wheel. They describe a dancing water show and fireworks displays. There is also a proposal for a meat processing facility. They expect 600 cars a day to travel along Beckwith and will seek bus service for special events. The BVCA directors have considerable concern about this proposal regarding its impact on other residents of the valley and adjoining residential communities. We are seeking a meeting with Saanich Planning and will try to collaborate with other community associations.

The directors have decided to write a letter to the Traffic Safety Division of the Saanich Police regarding concerns about traffic behaviours on Blenkinsop Road. This may lead to the setting up of the Speed Watch Programme, enforcement etc.
Saanich has forwarded to us a proposal to add bicycle lanes to Blenkinsop between McKenzie Ave and Mt Douglas Cross Rd. The directors have decided to request that a comprehensive plan for transportation (road and trail) be established for the valley which respects the character of the valley. We will be requesting a meeting with the municipality about this. This project is planned for the late summer or early fall.

The directors would like to have your input about priorities for projects for us to take on. To date we have been occupied with developments but we would like our association to go beyond this and take on other community projects. Dave Charlebois has offered to gather and collate your suggestions so it would be appreciated if you would forward your ideas directly to him at
Those at the most recent directors' meeting briefly listed some of their priorities as follows:

1. To protect both the agricultural and ecological values of the valley ie biodiversity
2. to encourage agro-tourism regulations
3. To meet the challenges we face from urban encroachment - to maintain and preserve what exists here today.
4. to have a peaceful community
5. traffic control
6. Address concerns about the Beckwith Farm proposal
Yours truly
Barry Loucks for the BVCA directors


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