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May 2010 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on May 19, 2010. We hope you find the following items of interest:

Bird Control

The BVCA directors had 4 guests at our meeting who came to describe the issues they were having with the use of a propane cannon near their homes. They described the impact of the cannon as being severe. They describe considerable noise and disruption. Some are being startled and scared when the cannon fires. The cannon starts as early as 7:00 AM and has gone as late as 8:45 PM. The residents feel that the cannon is not being used in accordance with provincial guidelines.

Alternative methods of preventing geese predation have been successfully used by some of the farmers who were present.

The BVCA directors decided to reassess the BVCA position on the use of the propane cannon. It was decided that we should continue to support farms and accepted farming practices as determined by provincial guidelines.

The BVCA has received an invitation to collaborate with the Broadmead Area Residents Association and the North Quadra association regarding this issue. The BVCA has decided to welcome meetings with the other associations with the understanding that our position is as stated above.

The BVCA has also received a report sent to the community associations by the municipal solicitor asking us to distribute the information to our members. I have attached a copy of this report.

Seven Oaks Garden Project

The Seven Oaks garden project has commenced where it is planned for the Seven Oaks residents to grow vegetables. David Chambers from the Madrona Farm kindly tilled the land for this project.

Vantreight Proposal

The Vantreight Farm is proposing that some of its nonarable land be rezoned for a housing development. The funds resulting from this are intended to be used to help finance the remainder of the farm. The majority of the BVCA directors have felt concern that this could set a precedent to permit nonarable farm land to be converted into housing in other areas such as the Blenkinsop Valley. The BVCA directors also note some similarities between the problems the Vantreight Farm is experiencing and those which the Madrona Farm experienced. Both farms are seeking public assistance (one through rezoning to create funds and the other through donations to the TLC). The Madrona model, however, has the advantages of keeping the farm intact, not introducing housing to an agricultural area and not contravening the Overall Community Plan. Although not unanimous, the majority of the BVCA directors decided to write a letter to the Central Saanich council pointing out that a different model from the one they are assessing, such as the Madrona model, might have a much less disruptive outcome.

BC Transit

The BVCA has corresponded with BC Transit to explore the possibility of there being public transit on Blenkinsop Road.

Rural Wildfires

 The Saanich fire department has asked to attend the next BVCA directors’ meeting to provide information about the potential for wildfires in our rural areas. If you would like to be present at this meeting (June 16 at 7:00 PM), please let the BVCA know by either phoning 250-477-8539 or by sending an email to and more details will be provided.


With thanks,

The BVCA directors


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