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November, 2008 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members:

The BVCA directors met on November 19, 2008.

The BVCA in collaboration with the Cordova Bay Association sponsored an all-candidates meeting last month. There was a reasonable turnout. Both associations were pleased with the meeting and apparently the candidates also felt it was a good meeting from their perspective.

At the all-candidates meeting, in response to a question from one of the BVCA directors about traffic on Blenkinsop Rd., Mayor Leonard indicated an interest in giving Blenkinsop Rd. heritage status. The mayor said he would like to see Blenkinsop appear like a country road, but, other than this comment, we are not certain just what heritage status would mean. After the meeting, the mayor suggested that the BVCA meet with him to discuss it further.

The BVCA does plan to meet with the mayor. At this time we would like to collect information and exchange ideas about this concept and then discuss it more fully with Blenkinsop Valley residents perhaps at our AGM in the spring. Apparently there would be no funding for this project for another two years so there should be ample time for community input.

We have received further correspondence from the municipality about the safety concerns of the Centennial Trail crossing at Mt. Douglas X Rd and Blenkinsop. As you may recall, there was concern about cyclists rapidly moving into the crosswalk with insufficient warning for the motorists. The municipality has evaluated the site again and a recommendation has been made by the engineering department to install signage advising cyclists to dismount before entering the crosswalk. There is some scepticism as to whether those involved in the problem will heed the signs so you might want to exercise extra caution when approaching this crosswalk.

We expect our website to be updated shortly ( One of our directors has created and also manages our website.

With thanks,

The BVCA directors


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