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November 2010 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members:

Since our last newsletter, the BVCA directors met on October 20 and November 17, 2010. We hope you find the following items of interest:

1. Propane Cannons
On October 27 the BVCA hosted a meeting at which representatives from the major stakeholders for the cannon issue were present. The goal of the BVCA directors was for the attending representatives to gain an appreciation of the issues being experienced by the farmers and the neighbours.

In attendance were representatives from Beckwith Farm, the Broadmead Area Residents Association, the North Quadra Land Use Protection Association, Saanich Planning, the provincial government (an agrologist), the Peninsula Agriculture Commission, Concerned Neighbours of Beckwith Farm and the BVCA.

Some of the above groups had not previously met with representatives of the farm.

The farming issues and concerns were reviewed as were those of the neighbours. There was a vigorous discussion. The BVCA felt that the directors’ goal was achieved.

A complaint was submitted prior to October 27 to the Farming Industry Review Board by the Concerned Neighbours of Beckwith Farm. Saanich and the Broadmead Area Residents Association have applied for intervener status at the hearing. The review board has the authority to permit, deny or modify the use of the propane cannons.

2. The BVCA continues to monitor the proposal for removal of land from the ALR at 1516 Mt Douglas X Rd for a 16 home subdivision. The BVCA has previously submitted a letter to Saanich opposing the removal of this land from the ALR.

3. The BVCA has also written a letter of opposition to a proposal for a four lot subdivision of agriculturally zoned land at 4589 Blenkinsop Road. The BVCA expressed concern about new septic fields on the East side of Blenkinsop where there is a history of failed fields. Concern was also expressed about the run-off of surface water when new driveways and homes are constructed. This run-off ends up on the flood plain and comes with increased suddenness when new developments are created. The BVCA is aware of farming concerns about crop damage resulting from increased water on the flood plain.

The BVCA is also concerned that, by dividing agriculturally zoned land into smaller properties with new house construction, the agricultural potential of this land may be lost.

4. A new pedestrian activated light is being installed for the pedestrian crosswalk at Braefoot Rd and Mackenzie Ave.

5. A BVCA representative attended a transit meeting which was seeking community input on the new regional transit plan. A suggestion was left with the BC Transit representatives to provide transit service along Blenkinsop Road. This could connect or be part of the Cedar Hill, Shelbourne and Cordova Bay routes.

6. Saanich is developing a “Climate Change Adaptation Plan”. This is to help the municipality prepare for expected climate changes.

Saanich collaborated with UVic to predict what changes can be expected in this area. It is anticipated that summers will be warmer and dryer while winters will be warmer and wetter. It is predicted that by the 2020s winter precipitation will increase by 3% and summer precipitation will decrease by 10%. It is predicted that by the 2080s Saanich will be frost free throughout the year and the sea level will have risen by 0.17 to 0.94 meters.

With regards to building energy demand in Saanich:

Hydro-electricity provides 61% of the energy and produces 15% of the green house gas (GHG) emissions
Natural gas provides 23% of the energy and produces 50% of the green house gas (GHG) emissions
Heating oil provides 10% of the energy and produces 30% of the green house gas (GHG)  emissions

7. Lana Popham will be meeting with the BVCA directors in January.

The BVCA directors welcome comments and questions from our members. These can be submitted by e-mail to or by phoning 250-477-8539.


With thanks

The BVCA directors



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