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October, 2008 Newsletter

Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on October 15, 2008.


Steve Mann was invited to the directors' meeting to discuss the work his family does in Zambia. He and his wife, Joan, initially started a project in Zambia to help orphaned children and this led to the creation of a charitable organization called the Zambia Mission Fund ( Four orphanages and six schools have been built and 150 students are sponsored representing the poorest of the poor. Care is taken to involve the local people in the creation of the schools so that they actively participate in the construction. Construction materials such as cement and reinforcing bar are too expensive for the local people to purchase so this is provided by the organization. The students do not have parents and otherwise would be unable to afford schooling. The education they receive as a result of the Zambia Mission Fund can be life changing. Fifteen containers of supplies have been sent from the Victoria area to the Zambia project and include such donations as clothing, construction supplies and used school desks. Care is taken not to undermine the local trades people so an attempt is made to give clothing only to those who have no purchasing power. The Zambia Mission Fund has, in effect, no overhead costs as these are donated. Thus all other donations are applied entirely to on-site services. Steve has made 16 trips to Zambia in the last 20 years to monitor the work. The area in which they provide help is only 2 hours away from the Victoria Falls. Most of the residents in the area of their project, however, have never been to the falls. Steve's talk was enthusiastically received by the directors.

A door-to-door membership drive was held with limited success in a residential area bordering Broadmead. A previous membership drive in the Pearce Crescent area was more successful.

A BVCA newsletter (Valley News) was delivered to homes in our area about a week ago. The postal service was utilized to deliver the newsletters this time. Deliveries cannot be made to just part of a postal route so some volunteer delivering was also utilized. If you are able to help us out with delivering (about 30 minutes once or twice a year) please let us know.

The meter board has recently been on Blenkinsop. The BVCA did submit a request for this. A member of the Saanich engineering department recently advised us that Blenkinsop Rd is one of the worst areas for speeding in the municipality.

The BVCA and the Cordova Bay Association are jointly sponsoring a municipal all-candidates meeting to be held at 7PM on Wednesday Oct. 29 in the Ridge Playhouse at Claremont Secondary School (4980 Wesley Rd.). The mayoralty, council and school board candidates will have an opportunity to speak, followed by questions. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for refreshments and to mingle with the candidates and guests.

Concerns about cyclist safety at the Centennial Trail crossing on Blenkinsop at Mr Doug X Rd have been expressed to the BVCA. Cyclists tend to enter the cross-walk with sufficient speed to make it hard for motorists to see them in time. At times, a cyclist activates the warning lights and crosses safely but following cyclists rush to enter the crosswalk before the warning lights stop blinking. It may be that the following cyclists think that traffic must stop until the lights stop blinking. Motorists, however, proceed when the crosswalk appears to be clear as the lights are amber, not red. Also, there is some vegetation which limits visibility. We understand that there have been some near misses. The BVCA has communicated with the Saanich Engineering department about the situation and we would like to caution you to use great care when approaching this cross walk.

With thanks,

The BVCA directors


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