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September 2007


Dear BVCA members

The directors met on September 19, 2007. A representative for Mrs Outerbridge spoke to us about the Outerbridge Park (formerly known as Shangri-La). She expressed gratitude to Saanich for purchasing the property and now would like to encourage Saanich to make the park accessible to the public. She felt that a letter to the Mayor and Council from the BVCA would be useful in this regard and the directors have agreed to do this.

Several residents of Pearce Crescent attended the meeting to express their concern about the infill which is occurring near Pearce Crescent. They would like the BVCA to arrange for a meeting between the owners/residents of this property and a group of Pearce Crescent neighbours. The BVCA has agreed to facilitate this meeting.

The 4590 Lochside application was removed from the agenda of the Committee of the Whole last week at the request of the applicant. It is tentatively rescheduled for Oct. 1.

A neighbourhood group has arranged a meeting regarding the Beckwith U-Farm proposal with David Cubberley for Sept. 20 at which the BVCA will have a representative.

The presence of American Bull Frogs within the Blenkinsop Valley was confirmed by the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Society. Nathalie and David Chambers of the Madrona Farm have arranged a gathering at their farm (4317 Blenkinsop) at 7PM on Sept 26 at which a graduate student (Purnima Govindarajulu) will give a discussion on this species of frog and its impact on the environment. All residents of the Blenkinsop Valley are invited to attend. It is asked that you arrive at 6:30 PM. Parking will be provided near the house at the end of their long driveway.

The BVCA has created an Agriculture Committee to assess and assist farming in the Blenkinsop Valley. The committee would like to select 3 members from the general BVCA membership to join this committee. If you have an interest in joining this committee please let us know.

Thank you to those who sent back an e-mail last time. We had a high response rate so we have confirmed that our communications are reaching the membership. The directors of the BVCA do welcome your comments and feedback.

With thanks,

BVCA directors


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