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August 2007


Dear BVCA members

The BVCA directors met on August 22. A letter of resignation from one of the directors was reviewed. This director is one of the developers of the Beckwith U-Farm and was finding it difficult fulfilling the two roles as the BVCA has expressed concern about the U-Farm. As well, the letter provided some constructive criticism of the BVCA on which the directors decided to reflect further and perhaps incorporate into our vision for future directions our association might take.

We have received further information from Saanich about the Beckwith U-Farm proposal in the form of a copy of a letter sent from Saanich Planning to the developers. In this letter, Saanich points out zoning limits on the total floor area for "accessory produce sales" and Saanich also encourages the developers to submit their proposal to the Agricultural Land Commission to clarify "what is permitted and what is not".

Councillor Gillespie's letter requesting our input about his proposal to limit property line hedges to a height of 8 feet was reviewed. The directors felt they could not support this proposal as it might prove very disruptive to many people. Examples were given where two neighbours both enjoyed a high hedge between their properties and where adjacent houses at different elevations used hedges to avoid having one neighbour look down into the home of the other neighbour. Three BVCA members responded to our request for input. Two were supportive of hedge height restrictions and one was not. We will include this latter information in our reply.

The directors spent considerable time looking at future directions for the BVCA. Much of our effort to date has been directed towards responding to various development proposals but we would like to see the BVCA take on other roles as well. We are presently considering the development of a subcommittee to deal exclusively with agricultural issues. We have also taken initiatives to address a transportation plan and traffic safety as outlined in the last newsletter.

We received an update from one of our directors about an infill issue near Pearce Crescent.

We received a report about the presence of an invasive species of frog in the Blenkinsop Valley. We will try to obtain more information on this for our next meeting.

Thank you for the comments we have received. Please feel free to comment on any of the above or other items.

With thanks,

BVCA directors


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