March 31, 2009

The meeting took place at Cordova Bay Elementary School and commenced at 7:00 PM

1. Stacie Loutitt gave a talk about the 2008 Beijing Paralympics and the training involved to prepare for the games. She also provided glimpses into Chinese culture. The boat she and her skipper used was built in Australia and was shipped to China from Victoria. Each day the boat was launched and later removed from the water. Stacie was responsible for rigging the boat each day. She and her skipper participated in eleven races and their placing in those races earned them a bronze medal. Stacie also showed pictures of the boats, Chinese cities and spectacular performances by Chinese artists.

Stacie was thanked for her presentation by Charlotte Koettl.

2. There was a motion passed to accept, as circulated, the minutes of the April 4, 2008 AGM.

Directors' report

3. John Lawler provided a report of the various issues which the directors have faced over the last year. Included were the proposed development at 4590 Lochside Dr., a proposal to stop expansion of the sewer enterprise boundary outside of the Urban Containment Boundary, the preservation of the Royal Oak Middle School gymnasium, requests to Saanich for the pruning of roadside vegetation, requests for the meter board to be used on Blenkinsop Rd., the use of night lights, fill deposit, American Bullfrog presence, a proposal from Glendale Gardens to maintain Outerbridge Park, presentations from Steve Mann and Ray Galey, co-hosting of an all-candidates meeting, heritage road status for Blenkinsop Rd., safety concerns where the Centennial Trail crosses Blenkinsop Rd at Mt. Doug X Rd., the closing of Churchil Dr until noon each day, the donation of exercise equipment to Seven Oaks and a proposal to assist Seven Oaks to create a therapeutic vegetable garden for its residents.

Treasurer's report

4. Dawn Loucks gave the treasure's report. At the end of December 2008 the BVCA had $1911.43 in a savings account, accounts receivable of $500.00  for part of a grant and no liabilities.

The proposed budget for 2009 was reviewed with 3 changes made from the circulated copy. The changes include the additional expenses of $131.25 for a postal box and $25.00 to register the annual report. The cost for the website was reduced to $497.70 which covers the costs for a total of 5 years. With the changes, the anticipated income is $2300.00 and the anticipated expenses are $2158.95 resulting in an operating surplus of $141.05.

It was mentioned that the $300.00 donation to Seven Oaks was intended to be taken from the 2008 budget but the cheque was written in 2009 so it will appear in this year's accounting.

A motion was passed to accept the budget as modified.


Annette Barclay read a letter which the BVCA received from Seven Oaks expressing gratitude for the donation of exercise equipment and also for providing the residents a sense of acceptance by the community.

Open Floor/questions:

Questions and comments were raised about the need for pruning of vegetation alongside Blenkinsop Rd, debris which needs cleared from the bicycle path and pedestrian safety on the Lochside trail.


Dawn Loucks was elected by acclamation for the position of treasurer.
John Lawler was elected by acclamation for the position of vice president.
Barry Loucks was elected by acclamation for the position of president.
Margaret Marriott was elected by acclamation for the position of secretary.

The following people were nominated for the position of director: Annette Barclay, Nathalie Chambers, Charlotte Koettl, Dale Leeuw, Anita Mayr, Rhys Smallwood, Sharon Stewart, Dean Purych, Earl Hannan, Coyne McGhee, and Ray Harwood.

The election was held by ballot and the following people were elected as directors: Nathalie Chambers, Charlotte Koettl, Dale Leeuw, Rhys Smallwood, Sharon Stewart, Dean Purych, Earl Hannan and Ray Harwood.

Other Business

The problems resulting from geese on farmland was discussed and members who are concerned were encouraged to attend the Peninsula Agriculture Committee meeting on April 9.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.